Isn┬┤t that something about working together?

Unfortunately there is no official definition for #co-creation. All the nicer that @reinhild lorentzen provided us with one ­čśŐ By the way, she is currently setting up a #co-working space┬á on a beautiful spot of earth, the Chrischona Campus near Basel - it's worth a visit.


"After first thinking ┬┤ops, I must have used a word that doesn't fit┬┤, my impression after reading the [...] article is now that it does fit: Coworking together, building it up and bringing in personal ideas and needs, instead of us defining and dictating it as a company, is after all quite "co-creative", she wrote.


And right she is!  Good luck with this project!


Here's the article she read in #Neue Narrative (german only).


What do you think about this definition?


Photo Credit to PDPics on pixabay
Photo Credit to PDPics on pixabay

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