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Application training

My job application training gives you the tools to make your career dreams a reality.

You’ve put a lot of effort and time into your cover letter and resume to get to your dream job? A few days later, you receive a short and concise rejection email explaining that the company has found someone who fits the job profile better?

It can be quite frustrating! Especially if you are qualified and the job would have suited you.

What is the reason? In my individual application training, I look for the causes together with you and give you valuable tips on how you can significantly increase the chance of getting your dream job and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

It’s time to make a change? Then simply contact us for a non-binding application coaching session and we will clarify all your questions.

Application coaching – that’s how you stay ahead!

As an HR manager, I often received hundreds of applications in response to an advertised job opening. I only had a few seconds to skim each application file. Anyone who does not stand out from the crowd has already lost and will end up on the “cancellation pile”.

On the Internet you can find many templates and samples of resumes and motivation letters. If you use such templates, you can bury the dream of your new job right away. Experienced HR specialists can tell from the first paragraph whether it is an individually written letter or a template.

It’s not for nothing that “apply” includes the word “ADVERTISE”. You have to make it clear to your potential employer within a few seconds why YOU in particular are the right person. Whether online, by mail or with a portfolio does not matter.

How you can convince your future employer of you in such a way that you are invited to an interview – and how you can score points in the interview – I will show you in your individual application coaching.

“Being successful requires two things: clear goals and a burning desire to achieve them.”

(Johann Wolfagng von Goethe – 1749-1832 – Poet)

When should you do job application training?

  • You send out a lot of applications, but are rarely or never invited to an interview.
  • You are not sure if your application documents make a good impression and want professional feedback on them.
  • You lack a clear application strategy.
  • You are unclear about your strengths and weaknesses.
  • You may be invited to some interviews, but you will still receive a rejection.
  • You want professional guidance with an experienced trainer through the entire application process.

Interview Training – The First Impression Counts

You are applying for a new job and have been invited for an interview? Your hands are shaking, your pulse is beating faster, uncertainty is spreading: “What’s the best way to sell myself?”. Do you know this feeling? Within seconds, a new life can begin for you, or not.

As an experienced HR professional, business coach and application trainer, I will prepare you for the upcoming job interview. And a good preparation for the interview increases your chances considerably! From what to wear to the tricky topic of salary expectations and even practicing interview sequences, job application training is definitely worth it!

You can leave it to chance or actively shape your future now. Which option do you choose?

Job application coaching with Kirsten Weiskat

Topics of the application coaching

  • The interview begins: You learn how to make a good impression on your future employer in just a few seconds while remaining authentic.
  • You’ll learn how to stay calm even in the face of tricky confrontational questions, allowing you to respond confidently and convincingly.
  • Your skills and strengths? You can confidently present your competencies and your strengths without appearing arrogant.
  • Your weaknesses? Weaknesses are often strengths that are exaggerated. You impress your counterpart with reflected statements instead of empty phrases from the Internet.
  • You can carefully and satisfactorily explain “tricky parts” of your resume.