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Business-Coaching is not for the weak, but for those who want to become stronger.
Unfortunately, Business-Coaching is not a protected term. Therefore, anyone and everyone can call themselves a “coach”. I understand business coaching, according to my 4-year continuing education studies at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland FHNW, as a form of process consulting that relates to the action and performance process of individuals, teams and organizations. The goal here is to significantly improve the control of decisions and the success of actions. We work at eye level and with proven tools. Get up high and stay up high!

“If you don’t know which port you want to sail to, no wind is right for you.”

(Lucius-Annaes Seneca – 1-65 BC – Roman philosopher)

Business-Coaching topics

Executives, subject matter experts come to me for support on

  • personal behavioral changes
  • Dealing with crises and conflicts
  • effective communication and role design
  • professional & organizational change
  • strategic positioning and development
  • economic success
  • Values and meaning
  • Delimitation and delegation
  • Leadership in complex systems

Whether it’s leadership development, career counseling, or personal development, we work together to unleash your potential and resources, discover your necessary and appropriate skills, and explore possible options to become an even better leader and employee. Business-Coaching provides support and helps with decision making. You could just give it a try – could be good?

Characteristic for my pragmatic understanding of business coaching is the transdisciplinarity of theories, approaches and schools against the background of a consulting theory of intervention and action. The basis is the (systemic) attitude of resource orientation, appreciation and solution orientation and the confident handling of different approaches and fields of action. But for all the theories, in the end there is only one thing that counts: two people walking part of the way together. The first step is up to you – it’s simple.

Procedure of a coaching session

A coaching session lasts 90 minutes and is suitable for (almost) all issues.
You are the expert of your concern, which we will determine at the beginning of the session. You don’t need to prepare – just make an appointment. If you still need help with the implementation or other topics, please contact us again. A 15-minute preliminary discussion via MS Teams and a similar follow-up after 100 days are included free of charge.

Procedure of a Business Coaching