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Career counseling

The career counseling is your guide that helps you plan and shape your professional journey.

Wouldn’t it be nice to take on the new job with confidence and still be authentic? Improve your performance and still have time for other things? Leaving unsatisfactory things behind and gaining clarity about the next steps in your career? Not being passed over again for the next promotion? Finally finding that place where you feel like you’ve arrived? With the right strategy, you’ll be one step ahead of your competitors! The targeted support of career counseling can make a difference in your professional development.

“It’s not enough to know – you also have to apply. It’s not enough to want to – you also have to do.”

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – 1749-1832 – Poet)

Aiming high with career counseling

Aim high and stay high

In career counseling, I offer you “hands-on” tips from my wealth of experience as an HR manager, supplemented by theories and models from work and organizational psychology. In career counseling, we reflect on situations and your behavior in them. You’ll learn to determine your location, optimize your performance, and communicate with purpose. You can better deal with conflicts and gain inner security. You know your strengths and can convince.

You want to change? In career counseling, we work together to develop an application strategy, design the appropriate documents, and practice job interviews.

Everything can remain as it is. Or you can venture out of your comfort zone. In any case, you have to take the first step, it’s so simple.

Procedure of the career counseling

A career counseling session lasts 90 minutes. The difference with coaching, where the solution is within you, is that you use my expertise as an HR professional and get tangible tips, for example to prepare and/or practice a development strategy, job application, interview, employee meeting or presentation.

A 15-minute preliminary discussion via MS Teams and a similar follow-up after 100 days are included free of charge.

Procedure of a career counseling