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Equine Assisted Coaching

Equine-assisted coaching opens doors to personal growth and self-awareness.
Equine assisted coaching makes a difference from other coaching or seminar formats: My horse “Kilroy” gives you unfiltered, direct feedback on your own behavior in a way that other people never would.

In my Master’s Thesis, I studied the effects you will experience when interacting with the horse. In addition to the consistently positive experience, the coachees were able to experience eleven effects consistently: Relationship, Respect, Mirror, Wholeness, Un(ter)conscious Access, Sensory Experience, Metaphor for Life, Affirmation, Remembrance, and Authenticity.

But the most exciting thing: a horse can’t be fooled. With a human coach, you can dodge, fib, or deflect.
As a coach, I provide the setting, the process, the safety and the reflection on your concern.

Let yourself be surprised!

“I like to have movement anyway, it gets everything flowing like that. We are together and do the task and that gives a rest, a break in the brain …”

(Customer feedback, June 2020)

Equine Assisted Coaching with Coach Kilroy

Healing effect and neuropsychological approach to change, motivation and learning.

You should be a team player, a good leader, open to new ideas, but also able to take criticism, assert yourself and, of course, deal with change confidently? The good news: All these key competencies and (almost) all concerns can be wonderfully reflected in the interaction with horses!

You will work with the horse under guidance: You will be given small tasks, appropriate to your concerns, which you will fulfill together with the horse, the “translation work” will be done by me as your professional coach. For example, if you take a lot of time to get to know Kilroy, we can assume that you also want to get to know your co-workers well.

Equine-assisted coaching with Kilroy

Breaking old patterns is hard, admittedly, and takes a lot of energy. It’s quicker if you leave your comfort zone for a moment: It smells different in the barn than in the office, the tasks are completely new, you are being observed and the assistant is not there to help. You experience instead of cognitively process and this is and remains impressive. This is how you achieve quick and lasting success.

Respect for horses? That’s it! I guarantee you expert instructions and safe work. All exercises take place from the ground and you need no previous experience or preparation – just a date and suitable weather.

Are you ready? The first step out of your comfort zone is still pretty easy: