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How does coaching actually work?

In order for your coaching to have an optimal effect and bring about lasting changes, seven decisive impact factors play a role:

  • Appreciation and emotional support: As your coach, I stand by your side and support you with full appreciation. Together we create a trusting atmosphere in which you can develop freely.
  • Affect activation and calibration: Through specific suggestions, I put you in situations where you have experienced positive or negative emotions. This will help you better understand emotions and react appropriately in important moments.
  • Results-oriented situation analysis: We analyze difficult situations together and focus on possible solutions. The focus here is on positive change in order to achieve long-term success.
  • Results-oriented self-reflection: In a guided self-reflection, we bring your values, needs, strengths, weaknesses and your ideal self-concept into alignment. As a result, you will gain new insights and develop effective strategies for your personal development.
  • Goal clarification: A clear goal is essential in the coaching process. Together we define clear and realistic goals that will advance you as a leader and promote your development.
  • Resource activation: I support you in activating your individual resources and using them in the best possible way. This will allow you to achieve your goals with ease and reach your full potential.
  • Implementation support: I offer you concrete methods and measures (such as homework and experiments) to help you successfully put your new insights and strategies into practice. This is how you overcome challenges and achieve lasting change.

As a book tip, I recommend “Success factors in the coaching process” by Behrendt and Greif. This book offers in-depth insights into the most important success factors of the coaching process and gives you valuable impulses for your development as a manager or subject matter expert.

With systemic business coaching, I support you in achieving your goals, developing your leadership skills, and making positive changes in your professional life. Let’s work together to build your success and strengthen your leadership skills.

What goal do you want to achieve? Until when? What does it cost you? What are you giving up for that?