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Solution focused coaching or more of it!

“If it works, do more of it.”

(Steve de Shazer – 1940-2005 – Psychotherapist)

Discover the power of systemic coaching: solution-oriented and future-oriented to success!

The “If it works, do more of it” approach by Steve de Shazer, a renowned psychotherapist, and Inso Kim Berg laid the foundation for solution-focused brief therapy decades ago. Their guiding principle is that the solution to a problem has nothing to do with the problem itself and that it lies in the future. It is not essential to understand and analyze the problem in detail to develop good solutions and possible actions.

This approach is extremely successful not only in therapy, but also and especially as solution-oriented coaching. Unlike psychotherapy, which focuses on the past and the causes of problems, in coaching we work in the here and now.

Our main focus is on the development of solutions. We use various tools and techniques such as the wonder question, visualizations, scaling and solution-oriented questions. In addition, experiments and other methods can also be used.

Systemic coaching is based on three simple fundamental principles:

  • Don’t fix what isn’t broken: Instead of focusing exclusively on fixing what is broken, we look for what is already working well and encourage you to do more of it.
  • Find out what works well and do more of it: By focusing attention on resources and strengths, you can develop your skills and build on successful strategies.
  • If something is not working well enough despite a lot of effort, stop doing it and try something else: It is important to become flexible and open to change. If one approach is not producing the desired results, I will support you in exploring new avenues and finding alternative solutions.

As a book recommendation I would like to recommend “More than a Miracle” by Steve de Shazer and Yvonne Dolan. This book provides deeper insight into the solution-focused approach and offers valuable inspiration for your personal and professional development.

With systemic coaching you can actively work on your success and bring positive changes into your life. Together we will find the best solutions to achieve your goals and unleash your full potential.

What may remain? What do you want to do more of?