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Systemic Coaching

“Everyone thinks that their reality is the real reality.”

(Paul Watzlawick – 1921-2007 – communication scientist)

There is no truth. You are the creator of your own reality. Everyone has his own perspective and thinks that his reality is the true reality. This thought by Paul Watzlawick, a renowned communication scientist, forms the basis of systemic coaching.

As a systemic coach, I offer you a framework to facilitate change in yourself and your business. Through a stable and trusting counseling relationship, I support you in rethinking your preferences and charting new paths.

Why is systemic coaching so effective in the area of change?

Think of your life as a fascinating wind chime made up of many colorful particles. Each particle represents an area of your life: family, work, team, organization, friends, health, sports, and even identity, values, meaning, and spirituality. When the wind touches a particle, it sets in motion a movement that also affects all other particles, sometimes gently, sometimes more intensely.

Every system, whether it’s your family or your team, is a separate entity with its own rules and boundaries. This structure reduces complexity and ensures that the system functions in a self-determined manner. Mental and social systems are inscrutable, uncontrollable and self-referential.

As your systemic coach, I respect the autonomy and momentum of your system. The systemic approach assumes that any behavior makes sense if you know the context.

The systemic approach is based on the thesis of constructivism, which postulates the end of causality or the abolition of absolute truth. Maybe you have experienced yourself how two people tell about the same event and you wonder if they were really at the same place?

People construct their individual reality, which is always connected with subjective perception. Each of us has our own past, depending on which aspects we focus on. Likewise, we have different visions of the future depending on our actions or inactions today.

The future remains uncertain: it does not yet exist in the present. And when it occurs, it is always different than expected, because our ideas and scenarios have already changed it.

The systemic approach is widely used in therapy and counseling and is well researched. I work with systemic questions, reflection, recommendations (homework), stories, deconstruction, externalization, representation, and many other interventions.

In an increasingly fast-paced, complex, and contradictory world, it is critical to look, listen, and differentiate more closely. After all, nothing is good or bad per se, but rather purposeful or not in the respective context, as Niklas Luhmann, a renowned German systems theorist, pointed out.

As a book tip I recommend “Lehrbuch der systemischen Therapie und Beratung” by Arist von Schlippe. This textbook offers comprehensive insights into the fundamentals of the systemic approach and provides valuable insights for your journey of change in business coaching.

Let’s walk the path of change together and take your business to a new level. With systemic coaching you actively shape your reality and achieve sustainable success.

Which reality should be yours?