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CliftonStrengths Coaching – Strengthsfinder

With CliftonStrengths you not only find out what you are good at, but also what makes you unique.

Have you ever asked yourself, for example to prepare for a job interview, what it is exactly that makes you tick? The CliftonStrengths Assessment is, in my view, the only existing assessment that really answers these questions reliably.
The test measures your personal expression of your 34 talents, which Clifton says represent everything people do best.

(Source: Gallup)

“What would happen if we stopped asking what employees were doing wrong and started asking what they were doing right?”

(Don Clifton 1924-2003)

Employees who receive strength-based development demonstrate…


higher emotional employee loyalty


Higher performance


lower churn

(Source: Gallup)

Assessment Cliftonstrength - Strengthfinder

CliftonStrengths – My own top 5:

1 Inquisitiveness:
People with a strong inquisitiveness like me love to learn for life. I always need something new to occupy myself with.

2 Intellect:
I am intellectually active, like to observe myself and appreciate discussions with intellectual pretensions. I need a lot of time to myself.

3 Peak performance:
I focus on strengths to achieve the most perfect results both on a personal level and in the group. My ambition is to expand things that are already good to the maximum.

3 Connectedness:
I am convinced that all things are connected. I don’t believe in coincidence and assume that pretty much everything that happens has some kind of purpose.

5 Drive:
I turn thoughts into reality and draw energy from opportunities and possibilities.

“What are your strengths and weaknesses?” As a former HR manager, I know well the unreflective answers to this question.
The ability to work in a team and impatience are the most common. Too bad. Because it helps – and not only in the interview – to get to know yourself better.

For decades, certified CliftonStrengths coaches like me have been trusted advisors to anyone who wants to leverage their strengths.
Learn to better understand, develop and use your strengths. The Strengthsfinder is a personality development assessment based on the idea that everyone has a unique combination of talents and strengths.

Unique in the world, I use – in addition to the Gallup assessment tool – a conversation method developed by Dr. Georg Michalik called cocreation Strengths Dynamics . Because you are more complex than just a list of your strengths! With this method you experience the interaction of your individual strengths by means of a concrete example. By the way, we use cocreation Strengths Dynamics all over the world with great success for teams and organizations. Here you can find more information about cocreation and about CliftonStrengths.

Our coaching takes place online and lasts 90 minutes.

Of course I can also help you to develop strategies and measures to use your strengths in a more targeted way. Because every strength also has its blind spots. Where do you reach your limits every now and then?

The goal is for you to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your abilities and use them successfully in different areas of your life.

So, what are really your strengths now?

Gallup Certificate CliftonStrength Coach

Your possibilities

1. you just do the assessment for yourself. This is done online and will cost you about 60 CHF and one hour of your time. You’ll receive a 25-page report that gives you great insight into your 34 talents and top 10 strengths.

2. we interpret your report together, I answer your questions and – very important – we “paint” a picture of how your strengths work together to make you successful in everyday life, using one or more examples. These are the cocreation Strength Dynamics, which we at cocreation also use very successfully for teams and organizations. An investment that really pays off!

When do you start to really realize your potential?

Cliftonstrength Coaching