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Team and organizational development

“cocreation is about making the impossible possible: There’s nothing we can’t do if we do it together.”

(Dr. Georg Michalik, Founder cocreation.com & author of the book “Co-Creation. The Power of Thinking Together”)

Biologist and brain researcher Dr. Gerald Hüther says, “When people really connect with each other, more than collaboration emerges, co-creation emerges.”

Co-creation, also known as collaborative ideation or collaboration, is a process in organizational development where people work together to generate ideas, find solutions, or develop products. Co-creation can take place on a variety of levels, from collaboration between companies and customers to collaboration between members of a community or organization.

CoCreation Process Organizational Development

(Source: cocreation.com – Graphic by Katharina Busshoff, Berlin)

If you ask Chat GTP what co-creation is good for, there are several benefits of the method, such as:

  1. Improved customer loyalty: By working with customers, companies can better understand their needs and wants and develop products and services that meet those needs. This enables customers to be more closely tied to the company.
  2. More innovative solutions: Collaboration among different perspectives and disciplines can lead to more innovative and effective solutions. This enables companies to increase their competitiveness.
  3. Increasing efficiency: By involving different stakeholders, resources can be better utilized and waste can be avoided.
  4. Increased employee satisfaction: When the needs and desires of the stakeholders are taken into account, this can lead to higher satisfaction.

Co-creation can also help strengthen relationships between different stakeholders and improve understanding of each other.

“So far so good,” you say to yourself, “but the big question is HOW do we get there? How do we get people to contribute their potential? Abandoning your own agenda to create greater things? Thinking beyond the crown wheel (or silo)? Giving up your own power to the group?”

And that’s what we’re all about! Our unique mindset and structured process make (almost) anything possible.

As a partner at
I stand for a movement. We live what we offer: We connect with people to create joint solutions. Today, teams and organizations are more dependent than ever on the potential of each and every individual. Today’s forms of collaboration are no longer sufficient to meet the challenges of the future.

Want to get off the hamster wheel? Finally harnessing everyone’s potential? No longer have to decide everything alone?

Team and organizational development - from the single individual to the strong team

What makes our workshops so successful?

We always start with the individual. We give time and space so that everyone is seen; with all the strengths, with all the good that he or she is capable of. With our cocreation Strength Dynamics based on the CliftonStrength Assessment (Strengthfinder), we create a deep understanding of one’s own ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

In the next step, individuals connect to form teams. Because strong personalities form strong teams.

And only then does the team truly develop common goals in our proven 8-step process.

From “I” to “We” to “Goal”: Together with you, we make your organization successful.


The basis for our work are the many years of experience as well as the scientific background, which Dr. Georg Michalik describes in his books and which we also use in our courses of study pass on.