Co-Coach Kilroy, Trakehner, born 24 April 2006
Co-Coach Kilroy, Trakehner, born 24 April 2006

Coaching with horses does make a difference to other coaching or seminar formats:  My horse gives you unfiltered, direct feedback on your own behavior in a way that a human coach or other people never would. In my Master Thesis, I studied the effects you experience when interacting with the horse. How does equine coaching work? Read my articles and the Master Thesis on Equine Assisted Coaching here. (german)


Are you supposed to be a team player, a good leader, open to new things, but also able to take criticism, assert yourself and, of course, handle change with confidence? The good news: all these key competencies and (almost) all concerns can be perfectly reflected in the interaction with horses.


Breaking your old patterns is hard, admittedly, and takes a strong will and a lot of energy. It's quicker if you leave your comfort zone for a short while:  It smells different from the office, the tasks are completely new and there´s no assistant there to help. You live in the moment - instead of cognitively processing -  and this is and remains impressive. This is how you achieve quick and lasting success. 


Ready? Well, the first step out of the comfort zone is already up to you. It´s quite easy.

Co-Coach Kilroy at work
Co-Coach Kilroy at work


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